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    I got back a few weeks ago from Cozumel. The info is pretty good except that Platinos and the other club on the south end of 65 never seemed to be open. The GH which is 1 block north of the main plaza in San Miguel, Cozumel, opens at 10 am. The girls vary day to day, although some of the girls are always there. During my stay I enjoyed the comforts of two of them - Katy (a native of the island) and Isis (from Mexico City). Isis was the more experience of the two (32 yo I think). Katy was prettier ((22 yo) and she gave me the only bbbj I got during my month long stay. As I recall they want 150 USD but you can get them to take 1500 peso (about 120, if you exchange at a bank or ATM, not a cambio). The room is 500 peso (of the 1500) and its good for an hour. The 1000 pesos for the chica is for the first pop. The second pop will cost another 500 pesos plus you need to get the condoms - 50 pesos each. What I liked about the GH is I could give the family cash and point them south, I'd meander north and "get a beer" ...and a babe. Well, when the GH had a babe. Some days the talent pool wasn't up to my standards.

    On two occasions I went to the Bar and Co., which is known as El Barco. Just ask a cabbie to take you to El Barco. Verify it'll be 80 pesos. You'll have to hail a cab back...which should take about 5 minutes. I thought the girls were pretty rough there. First trip there was just one and several guys. The second trip I was accosted by a fat hispanic chica that I wouldn't pay to have sex with. Looking around all but one of the 8 or 9 chicas were fat. The one was taller, not as fat and had nice pechugas. I forget what I negotiated her down to but I think it was about 70 USD plus 500 pesos for a piece of crap room for an hour. Her name was patricia (not pronounce like we do) and she gave one of the best bjs I've ever had. Too bad it was covered. She knew how to do the deed too. Lots of interesting positions and variations.

    After I aborted the first trip to El Barco I stopped by Salsa. I'd like to spend some time here checking it out and the place behind it. The chica's I met were not pretty or slender. I think they started at 150 us and I said "too much" in spanish and she immediately dropped it to 100 - 70 for her and 30 for the room. I drank my beer while she rubbed me and tried to get my interest and then I left. On another day, this place looks like it could be a lot of fun.

    There are a couple of strip clubs (in Cozumel, strip clubs are whorehouses) on the south end of avenida 65. I didn't go by after dark (couldn't lose the family) but during the day they were not open and I didn't see anyone around to chat with. The Hotel California is near Salsa (the Motel Azul is conveniently located in between). My understanding is the Salsa is open during the day for the cruise ship clients and the Hotel California is open at night.

    It really helps to speak at least a little spanish -the more the better. Barter in pesos for the best prices. And, keep your eyes open and stay alert. There is a certain sleazy side to this and I understand gringos sometimes wake up in the jungle without their wallet after being drugged. I didn't have any troubles. I treated everyone fairly and watched my back as much as I could.
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    this info is great but its from a year ago. does anyone have any new intel on this place? i'm having a stop there on the cruise and wanted to inquire about updated intel. lemme know. thanx in advance
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    I've been to Coz a million times!

    This is a bit more detailed info.

    Green Room/Cigar Bar = Brothel in town

    The Cigar bar is downtown, South a block or 2 from the main square. I was flagged off the street by a mighty attractive older woman. She was the bartender. I walked in and found I was the only patron in the place, completely empty. It was late and all the ships had left for the day. Only one working girl, she sat down next to me and started rubbing me leg. She made it clear what was to be offered. Bought her a drink, mistake! It was like 20US or 25US, I don't know it was just a huge amount to pesos. Then she asked if I want a message. She basically wanted 150 buck. I wasn't feeling a good vibe so I said I needed to hit up an ATM and bounced.

    Place is ok. The Chica looked good but nothing special.

    Platinos: Strip club

    What a story this is....

    I got in a cab around 3 or 4pm and asked where the pretty girls at. He took me to Plantinos.... We show up at this place and it's closed...but not really. I sit down at an outside seating area where an old lady is preparing food for something. There are 3 extremely hot girls sitting there. A huge mean looking mexican guy come over and gives me a beer and then leaves again. So I sit and chat will these girls for a while, I speak little Spanish and they had horrible English. So another cab shows up and drops off another Gringo like me and he sits down and chills. Then the one girl kept caller her friend on the phone to come over. We end up playing pool and drinking. The "friend" shows up and she is nice but not really good looking compared to the other girls. But basically I got drunk, and she took me into the club and and showed me the seforum.xxxe and everything, BTW the place is pretty cool inside, it nice, Then she takes me upstairs which is private and makes her offer to me. It was cheap and I was horny. Did my deed, She was a nasty girl, lets leave it at that. She told me to come back that night and see her dance once the place opened. I went back outside and my Cab was waiting for me.

    So went back to me hotel and rested.

    Later that night around 10pm I left for the club. Got there early, they were still setting up. The manager came over and very professionally said have a seat and a drink and relax. I sat there for almost an hour before the music started and girls began to show. Lots of extremely hot girls!!! They were hotter than most girls I find in strip clubs in the US. They couldn't dance for shit but that's fine with me. Again I became drunk and the same girl showed up and began hang out with me. I ended up going into a room upstairs with a bed on the floor. It dirty and nasty. I didn't want to touch anything. I again nailed this girl and wished I didn't.. there were so many hotter girls but I got suckered by this one again. Oh well, I left and that was that.

    Plantinos has some really hot women. But I believe they are really $$$

    California Club: Strip club

    From what I've heard this place is closed. Been closed for some time from what I've found. I might be completely wrong. Place might be the place to be. I'll find out next time I'm there for sure.

    La Salsa: Posts from years ago, Assume it is closed now.

    This place is open in 09. I'm sure it's still open. It's the most legit place on the island. It's right south of the city. Near the Cruise Terminals. It's a nice place. Only open when the boat are docked. Its mainly for Cruise ship goers and crew. Might have a band playing. The girls will come to you and offer. Price is Negotiable. Some real hotties some notties. But overall doable. U make the deal and head for one of the many rooms in the back. You walk back and buy a condom from a old lady. They are pretty expensive. Get that, go back to the room. Most likely take a quick shower. And get it on. The rooms are nasty. Again didn't want to touch anything.

    Good place. Only open while cruise ships are in, Prices decent, Completely safe for a Gringo. (not that Cozumel is unsafe anywhere for a gringo)

    One more place to add to the list
    I can't remember the name but is on Melgar ( i think its still called that south of town) south of the town. Right on the main road, right across from the southern cruise docks. Big green banner with XXX and women on it right out front of the place. Club is upstairs. Hot women, mostly south Americans, Prices are a bit steep. around 180 for room and girl for an hour. Girls look nice an perform well. Drinks for Women are like 20US. So don't buy drinks! The girls or the bartender will ask you if you want to buy them a drink...just say no.

    Overall Cozumel is awesome. It's a really safe island but the Brothels seem shady. Safe overall but still Shady. So be careful and travel with a friend and you will have no problems. Even solo is OK, but I'd feel much better with a friend along.

    Any question?
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    Hi. I was thinking of going to r Cozumel for some R&R (experiences -- good or bad.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am no expert, but "Barco" is its name and that means "Ship" according to the locals an the stage has lights outlining it as a cruise ship. Went Satruday, Sept. 7, 2013 with 2 friends. Today was a good day, got there about 11 p.m. and there were 10-12 women in the bar ranging from a polite 5 to a 9+ but she knew it and acted like it and didn't make any money from what I saw. There were several very beautiful, skinny, built women that will sit and talk for $20 (dollars) for a beer or $200-250 for private lapdance. Up to $1500 pesos/$150 dollars to go upstairs and get what you want. We chose not to do the latter and just hung out with the girls and bought them drinks. It was expensive, but, the music was good, the girls pole danced a few times and the girl that I was with was actually beautiful (8) and fun to talk to. She was from Honduras, but lives in Cancun and comes to Cozumel for weekends. I was told that my Mexican friend was offered sex by the most beautiful 9 with large breasts and a very skinny body and great ass for 200 pesos. I was pissed and told him that I would have fucked her the rest of the night for $200 pesos each time. He didn't tell me until we left, the fucker!! So, it's not Bar & co, its Barco, to the right past the gas station south on the island for 1/4 mile on the left. You go upstairs. They really don't want to fuck if you buy $20 beers for them all night so buy maybe one, then do your business.
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    How is it in comparison to TJ?
  7. Here's the current status:
    1) Salsa - appears to be open only during the day - normally closes at 5 but sometimes earlier.
    2) California - hasn't been open at night at all - it was open at least some of the days that I drove by.
    3) Pacha - This is the one that's on 65. Just head all the way down the same street that Salsa & CC are on until there's a natural left hand turn. Pacha is just a short distance on your right. Girls vary greatly. I got what I'd call a 7.5-8 for 100. Beer here is 2 for 70 pesos - exchange rate is about 17 in the money exchange, but many clubs are at 15 or less so beware - better to buy pesos at the airport!!!
    4) Caribbean Queen - Yes - it has been resurrected but in name only. It's just a short distance from Pacha - coming from Salsa, make the left onto 65, pass Pacha and just a little further is CC. There's an open air area on the right and a "dance" room on the left. Much smaller than the original, only saw a few girls. Would not go below 100. I almost went for one - might go back for her. Oh, the beers here are $5 US in singles - I didn't ask about "Buckets"
    5) BarCo - Girls want 150 US - wouldn't go below 130. I tried a few. In typical Mexican mentality, it's low season so they need to make more money. Instead of taking more customers at a discount they ask for more and get less... Sheesh... Someone should really give these bimbos a basic economics course. The sad thing is that beer here is $7US each - yes EACH... Of course, the jerk server didn't mention the buckets - 5 beer for $20. Because of that he got ZERO tip. Girls drinks here are $20US.
    6) Camarote - on 65 but much closer to the main cross island road. This is a locals only place - stay away from it. There's a girl there who suckered me - as I was leaving she said she'd go to my room for 2 hours for 100. Good deal I thought. Then she wants to stop and pick up beer - $20 for 5 or 6 beers. We went to my room. 45 min later she said "Let's go". I told her that it wasn't 2 hours and she lays this BS on me about it being 2 hours away from Camarote. Needless to say, she was bad news and I let her play me even a little further. We went to another bar, she wanted a bucket of beer and said it was $20 US ( she probably got half of that)... then she wanted me to start buying drinks for her friends. In the end, she ordered another bucket, I told the waiter NO, she said yes... it came and the waiter looked at me and I said - don't look at me, I said NO. They she said, "OK, go"... bitch... From what I gather, the other girls at Camarotes are similar.

    Might try to actually get into Salsa or California still before I go.
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    Easy Street
    Quick update from winter 2018. Drove past BarCo around 9:30 pm and the lights were on outside but didn't check it out. Walked down Claudio Canto toward 65th. Street was dark and dead! Passed by California I think but it looked like it has been closed for a long time. Got to the corner and the first club you reach is Marlin. No customers and only a couple ladies. Bartender said not much action until later. He said there were 2 more clubs: Pacha (next door which I could hear and see) and I think Caribbean Queen further up the Rd. Went to check out the other 2 clubs since I had time before most ladies started working.
    Bartender at Marlin was helpful, he said Pacha was about the same and Caribbean Queen has older ladies. (He was right)

    I think they wanted $10 USD for lady drinks at Marlin and Pacha, CQ I think they said $20? Private dances were $20.
    After a few hours there were some nice ladies around, I was ready to go with one from Marlin but she wanted $200 USD which is much more than an hour in my home country so I bounced.

    If you're in SJ Cozumel after dark, all 3 are fun to check out but don't bother before 10:30 pm. Lady drinks and short time are extremely bad value so you might leave disappointed like I did!

    Take care.

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